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5 Reasons to book on a Masterclass

Have you been hesitating on pulling the trigger and booking on my CeMAP Masterclass to get qualified? Are you not super academic and got the “has potential if only they’d apply themselves” report card from school? Does it matter that you don’t have a background in finance? Or haven’t ever had an office job? Or haven’t been to university? Have you got worries about how the exams work? Do you just want to earn enough money from the comfort of your own home to pay your bills and spend your free time doing what you want instead of worrying about money?!

Read on and I’ll tell you in five easy reasons why you should book on that masterclass like, now!


1. When you join my CeMAP Masterclass, you’re welcomed into a space that’s got everything you need to get CeMAP qualified in a 5-day period (or 10 days for both courses).

What does that mean Charlotte? I hear you ask. Well, that means I have got EVERYTHING you need to get qualified: First up, you'll be emailed your logins to the E-Learning 'Study-at-your-own-pace' platform with has the E-Book and Complete Audio Study Guide Series built in as well as over 30 video files breaking down each important section of your studies. The most amazing part is this is an ever-evolving platform, so new material is added to keep things fresh. As well as all the teaching there is an interactive exam platform so you can familiarise you with the exam style questions you might face and get you as ready as possible for the big day.

Remember, with the Masterclass you are your own boss, so if you can't make a session, need to shoot early or just need a break that's totally OK - you'll get recordings of each session, broken down into 30 - 90 minute files so you can recap in your own time.


2. One-to-one support. Does what it says on the tin lads. You get me.

Unadulterated access to me to discuss all the questions, concerns, and queries you might have about all things CeMAP. I will run your masterclass online, from 9am, with a small group (never double figures!) of like-minded, motivated students that will form your study team, so you don’t even have to change out of your pyjamas if you don’t fancy it. I promise there'll be no awkward ice breakers or cheesy warm ups. I'll walk you through step by step, including booking your exam AND getting that 121 with me booked in before the big day!


3. Access to our exclusive Future in Finance Community Group.

As well as me, my mobile number, and totally personalised support, you will join a group of past students who are qualified and working in the industry, so you can ask all the questions your little heart’s desire! This is literally an invaluable, private members only club. You will be plugged in to a massive support network of people who are some of the best at what they do, no other CeMAP provider offers this!


4. Lifetime Access.

I am the only, yes you read that right, THE ONLY CeMAP provider that gives you lifetime access to everything you pay for. Most will give you a couple of months, maybe a year, and then that’s it, poof! But not here. We want you to stay clued in and up on the latest industry changes and developments, so I want to make sure you always have us to come back to if you need anything. Lifetime access for everyone was a fundamental principle that was a non-negotiable for Future in Finance, we’re one big family forest of CeMAP minded people, and we’re all here in your corner!



Never heard of a CeMAP provider offering one of these? Well, that’s because it’s another Future in Finance Special, a seven day 'no questions asked' money back guarantee. Did I also mention that you can also sit the course as many times as you want? Let me rephrase, if you don’t pass first time (and don't worry, neither did I), then you can sit the course again COMPLETELY FREE.  


I want the financial services to be demystified, to stop the gatekeeping, and to facilitate honest to good knowledge flow and learning. I think courses should be easily accessed, financially and academically. And I have created a course that does this because I believe in it. So no, you don’t need a degree, a financial background, a job, or even any clue of what CeMAP stands for. You just need yourself, a computer, and a willingness to engage with the course content, and we’ll get along just fine. So go forth and book on those courses before I am officially booked out for 2024 HERE!

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