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E-Learning Platform Reviews

(Psssst... Don't just take their word for it, try it out for FREE HERE)

Charlotte, I have to say just the biggest thank you to you and all the work you’ve put in to the E-learning platform. I cant believe I have passed with distinction - it’s all thanks to you and your amazing platform!! Can’t wait to use it for 2+3 💗 Thanks again xxx



A year and a half ago I accidentally fell into a mortgage admin job because my friends hubby is an advisor and needed someone.  Within a year I realised that there was a long lasting career in it and it was something I really enjoyed, so started looking into qualifying.  I excitedly purchased the exam from libf,  got the book,  took one look at it and thought ‘naff that’ and left it collecting dust for months!  Then Charlotte popped up on my TikTok,  I gave her a follow and finally began to understand all the waffle so took the plunge and purchased her e learning course.  It was so easy to follow and I passed first time,  even earning a merit!  It really is your one stop shop for passing these exams and actually understating what they are all about!  Now on to CeMap 2 & 3 😃

Kerry B.

After years of putting off completing my CeMap studies I stumbled across Charlotte’s podcast. On the platform Charlotte breaks down the literature in a really relatable way for all types of learners meaning I could refer to different materials depending on how I was dealing with each unit. Charlotte is always available to answer any questions on those sticking points during revision meaning when I finally booked my first exam I passed first time! The course has changed CeMap from anxiety-inducing to actually enjoyable to study for me and I am keen to get started on 2&3 with Charlotte’s platform again. 

Rebecca L.


Charlotte and the Future In Finance course have been nothing short of amazing! having not studied for 10 years, seeing the CeMAP 1 coursebook arrive in the post was daunting to say the least but when I stumbled across the e-learning platform, I was put at ease as all of the important information was condensed into easy to understand videos and audio guides. I wouldn't have passed without it so thank you so much and I can't wait to get started on 2&3!

Luke T.

I owe you everything!!! 
I have been trying to do my cemap 1 for TOO long! Nearly a year and then I found you!!! I bought your E-learning platform and it has helped SO MUCH! 
I wasted £100 on the libf videos and they were HELL! The biggest waste of money ever! 
Thank you so much for what you’re doing with your platform, podcast and TikTok’s! I was so ready to give up and your hard work made my life easier and now have passed my cemap 1 … I know this is just the start but I am so so grateful!!!! Thank you 

Erin M.


Charlotte and her future in finance were a blessing during the CeMAP process. Her platform is designed to perfection with every learning style, helpful extra graphics and extra support. She was always just a phone call away, which is the type of support that is invaluable and not offered anywhere else. The most helpful thing to me was also how, after every topic, there were mock questions similar to exam style to test your knowledge there and then. Overall, I couldn’t recommend her platform as an excellent investment and step to building your future.

Shreya G.

Can't recommend Charlotte/Future in Finance enough. I'd never have passed my exam without her! I signed up for the E learning platform and everything you could possibly need is there for every learning style. Charlotte has built an online community where we not only support each other but celebrate each other too! I'm super thankful for the incredible and continuous support! Thank you!!!

Joanne E.


Great support from Charlotte, really attentive and such a great teacher!! Broke everything down into easy understandable and manageable topics and presented into videos/podcasts/or reading for every type of learning or if you’re on the go, you can listen to the topics! Wouldn’t have passed without Charlotte and Future in Finance 

Callum F.

I just wanted to say thank you to Charlotte for believing in me and for creating a platform which was much better to understand. I have been in the financial institutions where I’ve paid a substantial amount of money.
However I was unable to pass I just couldn’t understand the material. Because of Charlotte, I managed to pass one on my exams with a pass and the second one with a Merit and that is something that I never thought I could achieve, but Charlotte was very much one who believed in me and I was constantly messaging Charlotte asking her about anything I don’t understand and there wasn’t any point where she made me feel like I was bothering her. I could message her at 10 o’clock at night and she would reply to me. I would honestly recommend Charlotte every time. She is an absolute legend, an amazing mentor and I would recommend her to every single person. Thank you Charlotte I was finally able to make both of my daughters proud of me.

Mizbah Q.

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