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Meet Charlotte

The Story

Like all the best love stories, this one started out with a girl (me), her dog (Fox), and one very mundane Monday morning (more on this later).


The dream was to find a career in an industry that would allow me the flexibility to not only work from anywhere, but to work from anywhere with a possibility of an uncapped earning potential. And to do it all without taking time out of my current employment to go back into education, or spend 3 years of my life working nights to get a second degree.

I'd done the digging, I'd compared the shortlist, and I'd found the career path. Financial Services was the direction I was taking, there was no looking back and I set my sights for success.  


My expectations on learning in the Financial Services Industry had been, shall we say, effectively managed. My colleagues had warned me that the courses were dull, outdated and 'honestly boring as hell', but this that's just financial services, right? 

As months passed and I witnessed colleagues enduring mind-numbing courses for the sake of their careers, the feeling grew stronger – there had to be an alternative. We shouldn't sacrifice excitement for professional development.


Then that thing happened. THAT THING that changed the trajectory of my career forever. I sat a 5 day intensive fast track course and I STILL failed the exams. 


So, why am I telling you all this?


Because not being able to pass that exam lit a fire in me, a fire to make sure no one else ever spends money on a program that offers limited support, no aftercare or no satisfaction guarantee. I want everyone to feel empowered to pass those exams and never feel as (for lack of a better word) dumb as I felt after being told a fast track course was my best hope.


The course failed me, and I built Future in Finance with an ambition to support everyone through their learning.

Dyslexic? Me too – I can help.


Learn best while out on a run? I got you!


Need a pep-talk before your exam to remind you just how capable you are of doing this? I’m your woman.


So welcome. You're now part of a community that believes in doing things differently. Future in Finance is not just a platform; It's about making learning engaging, accessible, and dare I say, fun!


Get ready for a learning experience that breaks the mold, challenges the status quo, and, most importantly, puts you on the fast track to success in the financial services industry.

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