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Why I'm not an LIBF Accredited Provider (and never will be)

I am not an LIBF Accredited Training Provider (and never will be), and here's why:

After the success of the CeMAP 1 MasterClass I decided it was time to get accredited on the The London Institute of Banking & Finance Accredited Provider list.

My hopes were quickly dash when I received an email response that read 'I’m sorry to disappoint but we remain closed to new applications from CeMAP training providers. We have no plans to change this in the foreseeable future'

Disappointed, it left me questioning 'How should CeMAP Providers now be evidencing their Creditworthiness'? And I think I've found the answer...

1. Customer Satisfaction: It's not just about the reviews immediately after the course. I will never ask a student to provide a review for my services until they are fully qualified, whether that's 6 days, 6 weeks or 6 months after they attended the MasterClass. All my students receive support throughout their learning journey, and that doesn't end if they don't pass their exam first time. My support is unwavering and doesn't come with a time limit (just like my E-Learning Content).

2. Consumer Confidence: To my knowledge I am currently the only CeMAP Training Provider offering a Full Money Back Guarantee with all of my products. There's no catch, no T&C's, if you sit a course or buy it online and decide within 7 days that it wasn't worth the money you invested then you can ask for a full refund - it's that simple.

Whilst I can't be officially 'Accredited' I can work towards being the most trusted provider for anyone wanting support in their CeMAP Studies. My goal is to provide helpful tips, share industry best practices, and coach students until they achieve success. I believe this approach, rather than accreditation, is what builds trust and credibility with both students and employers.

While official accreditation is on hold, I remain committed to supporting the professional development of mortgage advisors. I hope these practices raise the standard of excellence for anyone entering this field.

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