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Monthly Free Training

Delivered Live by me (Charlotte Hemmingway) every month these sessions are for anyone and everyone studying to get their CeMAP Qual who wants the low down behind just how to pass those exams.

The only way to get the link to these sessions is to pop your email below - but don't worry - I won't spam you! The only other thing you'll see from me is the occasional monthly-ish emails that teach you cool shit, study tips, exam prep, share stories you'll relate to, and make you feel a little less alone in this world of CeMAP Self Study.

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Get on the List

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Join the Whatsapp Community!

Ever wished you had 150 friends also battling the trails and tribulations of their CeMAP studies? Well now you do!

The Whatsapp Community is a place for everyone to go and get support from their peers (and lots of support from me), to request bespoke study material (for free) AND to get in on the CeMAP tea from others sitting their exams. You really don't want to miss this.

To Join Send 'Community' to 07825149137 on Whatsapp

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