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The Sunday Study Edit: Welcome

Welcome to the first EVER edition of ‘The Sunday Study Edit The inspiration behind this has been nothing short of exactly what I think is missing from the World Wide Web.

Some actually useful CeMAP study tips that will come in handy on exam day.

Because isn’t that what we all want? To go into the exam feeling like we have the slightest fucking clue what to expect considering we’ve just spent £200+ (atleast) of our hard earn dolla’ to be here. So let me help, and I figured there was no better place to start than right at the very beginning.

So, you want to get CeMAP qualified?

No Problem. To do this you have to sit 3 exams. CeMAP 1, 2 & 3. CeMAP 1 works from the first textbook sent out to you by The London Institute of Banking & Finance when you register for the exam. And the exam itself consists of 50 x multiple choice questions.

CeMAP 2 & 3 come with a second textbook, and both exams are on the same material. The difference being CeMAP 2 is multiple choice and CeMAP 3 is assignment based. Now I’d been racking my brains on where to even start with this little weekly treat. And then it hit me….

Let’s Start at the Start.

Today, I’m going to give you 3 CeMAP 1 exam questions all relating to Topic 1: An Introduction to the Financial Services Industry. These have all been taken from the LIBF mock exam papers & whilst the guidance specifically states that the questions in the exam are unlikely to be the same… they were pretty damn similar in my exams. So I think we should start here.


Question 1: How can a bank involved in wholesale banking normally raise money very quickly to finance it’s business activities?

A By a further issue of shares

B By borrowing from the Bank of England

C By issuing Gilts

D From the interbank Market

Answer 1: D

A bank involved in wholesale banking will normally borrow money from the Interbank market if it wishes to finance business activities. Raising money via shares would just take to long.

Hint: A little trick to remember this one… Imagine a wholesale bank being a person, and going to a good ole’ fashion eastenders style market to get some more dolla’.

Question 2: To be accepted as a medium of exchange, money must have all of the following properties except for which of the following?

It must be:

A Divisible into small units

B Free from the effect of inflation

C Generally accepted to all parties in the transaction

D Sufficient in question

Answer 2: B

No hint needed with this one. Always remember to read the questions, and the options twice and you’ll reach your answer. Ofcourse money is affected by the rate of inflation… I’m willing to bet you knew that one.

Question 3: Which of the following best describes the role of the Bank of England?

A Acting as banker to the government

B Depositing money with the International Monetary Fund

C Managing new issues of Gilt Edged Securities

D Regulating the sale and marketing of all UK investments

Answer 3: A

Hint: If you’ve already listened to The Podcast you might remember talking about the big daddy of banks. The bank of Englands key role is to act as the banker to the government. The bank doesn’t deposit money with the International Monetary Fund, it no longer manages the issues of Gilt Edged Securities as this is now carried out by the HM Treasury Debt Management Office & the FCA is the top dog for regulation.

OK let’s check in, how did you do?

Remember, The London Institute of Banking & Finance recommend spending 6 months studying for each exam – they’re not meant to be easy.

But if you’re feeling overwhelmed, fed up OR just on a ‘yeah-i-want-to-earn-more-money-like-now’ deadline, then I’ve got something JUST FOR YOU.

First up, I have the completely free Podcast that drops every Wednesday, find it HERE. It’s 30(ish) minutes of me and my favourite money muggle covered one topic of the study text each week.

If Audio support really works for you, then I’ve got a TREAT. The All Access Pass is a complete audio breakdown of the CeMAP 1 Study Text, simplified with real world examples as MP3 files that are instantly downloadable and broken down into 25 separate files (for the 25 topics in the textbook). They also come with some visual support slides AND included in the package is a 1 hour 121 coaching session with me before exam day. All for £120.

If you feel like you’ve got a handle on the contents but just want that last minute boost & some mock exams to work through with your own private tutor – I got you. Book a 121 session with me HERE.

And if you’re ready to grab yourself a bargain and pass CeMAP 1 in JUST 5 DAYS. Then I have just the thing…

The CeMAP 1 Mater Class Earlybird Launch is a 5 day fast track course (that you complete from the comfort of your own sofa). Included in the package you also get:

· Lifetime Access to an Interactive E-Learning Platform Covering the entire textbook.

· The Complete Audio Study Guide Package, for studying on the move.

· A 1 hour 121 coaching session with me before exam day.

· Exclusive Access to a Whatsapp Community to share study tips & potential career opportunities from those already in the industry, AND

· A risk free guarantee. Don’t pass first time? Come back and sit the course again for free!

As an exclusive earlybird offer you can get all this for just £279.

OK Team, that’s all from me. Till’ next week!



Founder of Future in Finance

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