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The Sunday Study Edit: The one about Gilmore Girls

It's OfficialAutumn is upon us. And whilst I’m quietly mourning the loss of Summer 2023, I’m also remembering everything there is to LOVE about this time of year. The star lit evenings, frosty mornings, bobble hats, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING and realising that as mother nature turns everything a varying shade of orange, Fox looks more ginger than ever. But most importantly, Autumn brings Gilmore Girls re-runs back to our screens, and as I sit drinking my 412th Pumpkin Spiced Latte of the week, I FINALLY figured out just why I’m so obsessed with this show… Now first up, if you have NO idea what I’m talking about, Gilmore Girls is a caffeine-fueled journey set in the 90’s where single mom Lorelai and her quick-witted daughter Rory navigate life, love, and the quest for the perfect cup of coffee. And I’ve always fancied myself a bit of a ‘Loralie’ if I'm honest.

What I've realised I love most about her (aside from her being a 75/10 who also happens to drive an old 4x4, drink too much coffee, have an unhealthy addiction to burritos & men in checked shirts) is her confidence.

Because confidence?

It’s contagious.

If you can light that fire in yourself, watch it spread to your colleagues, your loved ones and every future client you one day get a mortgage for. So here’s the challenge - Be the Loarlie of your own life.

Own the failures, the no’s, the failing that CeMAP exam for the third time with the same grace and unyielding confidence with which you embrace the wins.

Step into your unshakeable confidence and know that you have everything it takes to get CeMAP Qualified, the key is just finding a study method that works for you.

Here are 3 things I do to pump up my confidence...

Mindset is Everything, so Fake it Till You Make It Roll out of bed and hit the world with your best "I've got this" even if you feel like a hot mess.

Swap out the snooze button for a power affirmation that's less “live, laugh, love” and more “coffee, conquer, crush.”

It really does start with how you talk to yourself inside your own head.

Celebrate Every Damn Win Waaaaay too often we skip over our wins, and linger in our feelings of anxiety or "not enough-ness".

You have to celebrate yourself more.

No win is too small.

Got through that tough Unit of the text book? Celebrate it.

Passed a Mock Paper? Do a happy dance.

Pass just the 1 unit of the real exam? "Thank you, more please."

Recognising and celebrating each achievement provides a boost of confidence and reinforces the belief in your capabilities.

Invest in Learning

Confidence comes from competence.

Every time you master a new skill or do something that gets results, it quietly adds a new layer to your confidence.

Take time to learn new skills and stay updated on industry trends.

Whether it's through courses, webinars, books, or podcasts, expanding your expertise will not only make you a better prepare you for exam day, but also deepen the trust you have in your own decisions.

(Similarly, take note of what makes you feel the opposite and do less of it. For me, that looks like scrolling social media, eating food that doesn't make my body happy, and skipping on dog walks)

Incorporating these tips into your routine can gradually build your confidence in every aspect of your life.

Remember, confidence isn't about never feeling doubt—it's about moving forward in spite of it.

I'm over here, rooting for you, believing in you, ready to watch you pass those damn exams. If you want to join in my own squad with a community of other incredible CeMAP warriors, here's your reminder to join the Whatsapp Community - just send 'Community' to +447825143137 with you name (it's also the first place all my sales and offers drop). Speaking of Offers! My 5 Days of Deals Black Friday campaign is HERE, starting on Monday November 20. You'll get an email over the next few days with all the deets on the deals and TRUST ME, you don't want to miss this. XO, Charlotte

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