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The Sunday Study Edit: The Exam Hacks One

Updated: Feb 5

I've just wound down from delivering the best Masterclass so far (even if I do say so myself) and I'm here to share with you the invaluable takeaways from this week...


1.     Everyone's journey looks different: With 6 students on the course, no two had the same story to tell when it came to their battle with CeMAP. Some had been dualling it out for years while others were fresh on the trail. While their common ground might have been 'just to pass the damn thing', actually their struggles all came at different points and it was B-E-A-utiful to watch how they were able to support each other through the toughest parts of the week (they exist BTW, imagine studying CeMAP for 8 hours a day straight and not feeling your soul leave your body at least once).


2.     Mindset Matters: We do 121 sessions the night before the exam as part of the Masterclass and whilst some last minute cramming goes a long way, it's even more important to get in the right headspace. Let me be clear - almost nobody passes this exam with full marks (although props to Emma who got a STORMING 48/50 yesterday). This means at some point you are going to hit a run of questions where you are not sure, and that uncertainty can very easily turn into a 'well clearly I've failed so I might as well quit now' mindset. THAT'S what let's you down. It's not your capabilities, your intelligence or your ability to sit an exam after you hit 21 - it's your mindset. Don't let that be the thing that holds you back from the career you deserve!


So... Here's some solid advice for you ;)

1.     Find your Support Network: It can be your mates, your Mum, your work lot or even your pony. Talking will help. Get out your frustration, find a study buddy or just someone to vent too when you are sick to f*****g death of FCA Handbooks. And if you don't think your other half can cope with another meltdown over the tax liabilities on Gilts then get in on the Whatsapp Community. It's Free. It's filled with SO MUCH VALUABLE CONTENT and it's a place where you can go to scream 'F**K-YOU-FISCAL-POLICY' Just sent a Whatsapp with 'Community + YOUR NAME' to 07825149137.


2.     Hack Your Brain: The simplest way to get through your CeMAP exams it to figure out the most effective way to retain information. Everyone is different - some people love to listen to stuff on a dog walk, others are a 'post-it-notes-in-the-loo' kind of learner. Spend some time figuring out what works best and set a schedule to that. If you're not sure I'd totally recommend taking a sneak peak into the E-Learning Platform HERE If you're not sure what your learning style is - you'll know after a quick dabble in that.


Speaking of Free Stuff...

And then a quick bit of Housekeeping if you made it this far:


1.     February Free Training will be PENSIONS + [INSERT YOUR SUGGESTIONS HERE]. Just Hit Reply and let me know what you want me to cover.


2.     E-Learning Access for CeMAP 2&3 for Earlybird Customers goes live NEXT WEEK. You can bag it before 1st for £210 and then it will go up to £265. GET IT HERE.


3.     MasterClass Spaces are FULLY BOOKED UNTIL MARCH. Don't hesitate bagging your space because they are hotter than Hugh Jackman's Haircuts right now. Check Availability Here.


Till next time - You guys are the best!




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