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The Sunday Study Edit: Harry Potter Addition.

Welcome to this week’s addition of The Sunday Study Edit.

This week was HUGE for me – in that I finally decided to end my decade long love affair with the Harry Potter Series and decided to read the last book AND watch the last two films (and before you ask, I really didn’t know how it ended).

This means our theme for this weeks’ edit could be a little… Magical.

Now. For the Good Stuff. Are you ready for the secret sauce to slaying your CeMAP? It's all about having a plan that packs a punch!

Imagine this: you're a brilliant wizard, like Albus Dumbledore (but with an even more impressive beard), unraveling that challenging spellbook like you're organizing magical ingredients – one enchanting step at a time! And here’s why it could work wonders to do a bit of Marauder's Map planning in advance… (I'll stop soon, I promise)

The Importance of a Study Plan:

  1. Structure and Organisation: A study plan provides a clear roadmap for your preparation. It helps you stay organised and focused, ensuring you cover all the necessary topics without feeling overwhelmed.

  2. Effective Time Management: With a study plan, you can allocate specific time slots for each subject or topic, making the best use of your available time. This prevents procrastination and ensures you cover all the essential areas.

  3. Consistency and Revision: A well-designed study plan promotes consistent studying. Regular revision is crucial for retaining information, and a study plan allows you to revisit topics at appropriate intervals.

  4. Identifying Weak Areas: By following a study plan, you can track your progress and identify areas where you might need more attention. This enables you to focus on improving your weaknesses. Also once you know what your weak spots are, you could consider booking in a 1 Hour 121 Coaching Session with me to beat that bit.

  5. Reducing Stress: Having a study plan in place reduces last-minute cramming and exam-related stress. It gives you the confidence that you have covered all the material adequately.

  6. Flexibility and Adaptability: While a study plan provides structure, it should also be flexible to accommodate unexpected events. Life happens, and being able to adjust your schedule allows you to stay on track.

Week-by-Week Study Schedule: Creating a week-by-week study schedule is a fantastic way to manage your time effectively. Review all modules, practice tests, and case studies. You could work it backwards from the date you wanted to have the exam passed. For example…

… If you know you want to pass you exam in 3 months and there are 25 topics in the textbook, you could set yourself a schedule so you box off 2 units per week to reach that goal (maybe give yourself an extra week or so to do some exam prep).

This is just a guideline, and you can adjust the schedule based on your pace and preferences. Stay motivated, believe in yourself, and keep your study plan fabulous! You've got this!

And remember… Stay calm, confident, and celebrate your progress throughout your CeMAP journey!

But hey, we're not done yet! Time to spice things up and unleash the magic of study groups!

Say goodbye to studying in solitude, and hello to your very own dream team!

Study groups are like Potions class – a concoction of diverse brains, brewing brilliance, and cheering each other on! Remember, when in doubt, ask your fellow magical scholars for help.

Welcome, to my secret society of CeMAP – the WhatsApp Community! Prepare to enter a realm of wit, wisdom, and wicked-good advice!

Click the enchanted link ➡️ HERE to join the magic!

We're all about spicing things up with a playful, funny tone, because let's face it, finance can be a bit(!) dry sometimes. In this wonderland of knowledge, I encourage you to share your mind-blowing study tips.

Your journey to greatness begins now, and with a little wit and a lot of determination, you'll be celebrating victory like you just won the Quidditch Cup!

Until Next Week!

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