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The Black Friday Catalog has Landed

Remember getting the Argos catalog as a kid before Christmas?

When I was a kid I would get the Toys R Us' catalog and with a biro in hand, I’d pour through every page and circle my dream gifts (usually at my Grandparents house because I knew Santa brought extra large presents down their chimney).

Luckily, Hannah is still too young to want the Smyths catalog to do the same, although I'm already prepping my bank balance for next years when she'll know.

(Actual footage of me in Pets at Home next week)

Well, welcome to your grown-up, professional development version – a chance to circle your next career game-changers.

Next week I’m kicking off my biggest sale of the year for Black Friday week.

And today I want to share the 'Catalog', a preview of the 5 Days of Deals.

None of the buttons will work yet, because each deal will become available on their given day next week.

But you can start planning, circle your favorites, and get ready to make some savvy investments in your future and yourself.

Remember: the sales haven't quite started yet, but again you can start to plan ahead if there is anything you want to grab.

How Black Friday Deal Week Works: Black Friday Week starts next week. I'll send you an email every morning, Monday to Friday, with the daily deal. You'll have 24 hours to buy it. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Any questions? XO, Charlotte

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