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Get CeMAP Qualified with Unlimited Support & a 100% Money Back Guarantee 

(without the need for boring material, beige courses & time restrictions on your studies)

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Hi, I'm Charlotte

Your Learning & Development Coach

Futures in Finance is my company, and I'm here to bring you a down to earth, easy going, not boring as hell, approach to the learning within the Financial Industry.

With over a decade's experience working in the financial sector I have made it my mission to revolutionise the stigma surrounding financial qualifications AND try and influence some industry change. For far too long, students are paying too much for 'recommended' courses that come with no additional support, no option to feedback and no money back guarantee. I'm here to change that.


We have all suffered through stuffy and beige tuition courses, enduring dusty old course material in the name of being "professional". There is more to life, and learning, than that. I don't want anything in my life to be boring, and that includes my courses. 

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Why Me?


Small Class Sizes

Don't want to be lost in a crowd of 25 when you need to ask a question? I hear you!


With no more than 8 trainees per course you can be sure I'll be with you every step of the way, and all of your training needs will be met!


Money Back Guarantee

No other training provider is so confident in their content that they offer a FULL refund if you decide within 7 days that you're not fully satisfied with your purchase.

No questions asked (although I might ask for feedback just so I can continuously improve my services)


Pass Guarantee

What if you don't pass first time? Don't worry! A lot don't pass first time - exams are TERRIFYING, remember?


You can sit the course with me as many times as you need to get you qualified & I'll make sure we make the most of the 1 on 1 time we get together before your resit.

Let’s just call CeMAP what it is: hard.

Rewarding, yes! But, still—hard.

Ready to get CeMAP Qualified in as little as 4 weeks?

Here's the reality... If you booked on a Materclass for CeMAP 1 (5 days) & CeMAP 2&3 (another 5 days), you could be walking into your dream career before your next payslip.

There is more to life, and learning, than stuffy & beige tuition courses. I don't want anything in my life to be boring, and that includes my courses.



Whether you’ve just started studying for your CeMAP, or this has been on your 'to-do' list for a HOT MINUTE, you know there's no 'easy' route. But now you also know your journey doesn't have to be dull / beige / boring or an ABSOLUTE snooze-fest from start to finish either!


Get Qualified

Want to get Qualified the 'Fast-Track' way in 5 days?

I Know it's hard

It can be difficult sometimes but i will be with you every step of the way



You've tried self study. It's hard, the text book is heavy AF and the writing is too damn small to properly retain the information.


You just want to take that next step in your career and GET IT DONE. You know that the qualification is going to open up so many more doors for you (not to mention more money coming in), but you feel stuck.


You're ready to take the plunge. To commit, to get qualified and bring home that bigger paycheck, and you're willing to get it done ASAP.

100% Risk Free

When you purchase any study material, you’re welcomed into a space that’s got everything you need to get CeMAP qualified. And the best part?

This is a proven system. So many students have used these to take the next steps in their career.


Noticed how every other provider offers you the 'one time only' or '6 months time limit' on their material? Yeah, me too. If you don’t pass first time (and don't worry, neither did I), then you can sit the course again COMPLETELY FREE. Not only can you sit the course as many times as necessary, you will also receive LIFETIME ACCESS to the Study Portal, meaning there are no time limits for you studies - because life is hard enough without being told you only have X amount of days to get that cramming in.

NOT JUST THAT, The MasterClass comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee! If you sit the course and decide it wasn't what you thought, you have seven days to ask for a complete refund, no questions asked. No other provider offers this service!


There are no strings attached, no forms to fill out, nothing to prove, and I won’t question you. If you need another go - just let me know.



Want to study in your own time online?


But don't Just take my word for it...

What a week I have just had, The course Charlotte has put together has really helped me in ways I can’t describe I struggle massively with studying and learning from a book.
This course was made to seriously get through to you in the right way which has now gave me the motivation to get my exam booked, 
What stood out to me was how she was able to adapt to everyone’s way of working and made time for us individually to make she we all understood what was being said.

I can’t thank Charlotte enough for what this has done for me and will do for me going forward.

Chris G. Mortgage Admin

The Financial Feed

Why train with me?


Need to know more?

I get it. This is a HUGE investment!
Get answers to ALL your Masterclass questions here. Still not sure? Whatsapp me anytime on +447825149137 

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