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CeMAP 1 E-Learning

The E-Learning Platform

For those of you who have already used all your holiday allowance for the year sunning yourselves somewhere exotic - I have the answer to your CeMAP woes.


In this interactive Platform you get EVERYTHING you need to pass your exams PLUS Lifetime Access (that's right, all the updates, forever) because I know that sometimes there are just more important things to do than studying on a deadline.


Here's Whats Included:

- The Complete Audio Study Guide Series: 25 downloadable Audio Files so you can study on the move. One for each topic of the textbook.


- Video Teaching Files: 25 Coaching Sessions with me and a tonne of visual material for those of you who prefer to watch and learn.


- The Future in Finance E-Book: Each chapter of the London Institute of Banking & Finances Textbook has been re-written by way in a way that's easier to understand and gives plenty of examples along the way.


- The Interactive Exam Style Platform: As well as having a few exam style questions at the end of each topic, you can sit 3 full exams inside the platform. You'll see whether you got the answer right straight away and an explanation to help with your development.


Once you've completed the purchase you will receive your Instant Access Logins within 24 hours.

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